Sunday, December 9, 2012

Kid's Christmas Party

Yesterday was Little Miss 4's daycare Christmas Party.

Each year the parents on the social committee (there are four of us) get together the month before Christmas to start organising. We split up the list of tasks between us including invites/posters for the centre, food/supply shopping, activity organisation, activity cards, kids decorations and lolly bags.

Then the big day arrives.....

This year we held it in a community centre, previous years were in a local park. The community centre was a big hit - the kids were contained (always important when there are so many of them), the air con was ON and there were plenty of tables and chairs for lunch and for parents to meet and chat.

Each year we give the kids an activity card. Once they complete each activity they receive a stamp. At the end of the party they hand in their card to receive a little lolly bag.

The first activity is to "Paint your face with your mum, dad or carer". We set up one of the tables with lots of different face paints, brushes, glitters, water, and sponges.

The kids always love this one, there are lots of giggles if dad is the one face painting too!

The next activity is to "Find your Christmas decorations to take home". Each year the kids make a decoration at daycare. We collect them the week before the party and on party day hang them in various locations for the kids to find.

Little Miss 4 now has five of these decorations from daycare that she hangs in the Christmas tree every year.

The next activity is to "Have lunch and put your plate in the rubbish bin". Each year we have a BBQ - sausage on a roll lunch. The dads love to get involved with the cooking of the BBQ each year.

We also provide fruit for dessert. Each member on the social committee brings a particular fruit already cut up - this year I had to bring watermelon.

The next activity is to "Participate in one of the activities". This year we had space hoppers and balloons, which proved extremely popular with the kids, who spent a lot of time jumping trying to catch them.

The final activity is to "Get your present from Santa". One of the dads kindly dresses up as Santa each year and the kids LOVE IT! The daycare centre provides the gifts to the kids that attend the centre.

This year Little Miss 4 received a painted pencil case with a notepad, multicoloured pencil, elephant pencil sharper and multicoloured pen. She was totally thrilled.

All of sudden it is all over for another year and the kids are exhausted.

Do you have Christmas parties with your kids?

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