Saturday, February 23, 2013

Look! Magic - making peas disappear!

A classic tale of peerenting 101...

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Each night before Little Miss 4 brushes her teeth she takes her vitamin tablets with Hubby. It is their little routine - take vitamin tablets, brush teeth and then off to bed for a story and goodnight.

On some occasions Hubby does "magic tricks" with his vitamin tablet. He "snorts" it up his nose and miraculously pulls it out of Little Miss 4's ear or his own ear or even his eye!

Little Miss 4 thinks that this is hilarious! I admit to thinking it was pretty funny too.....until...

The other night at dinner Little Miss 4 wanted to do some "magic" so snorted a pea up her nose!

I totally freaked out - but could do nothing as I was feeding Little Mr 0 at the time. Little Miss 4 started to get a little worried when she realised she had a pea stuck up her nose.

Hubby to the rescue - he took her to the bathroom and told her to blow her nose. Out shot the pea and crisis averted.

I then had to explain to Little Miss 4 that Hubby was only pretending when he snorted his vitamin tablet up his nose and made it look real and that snorting things up our noses was not a good idea.

Do you have any similar stories with your kids?


  1. Oh no!! My hubby would so do something like this!! Loved your comment over at Maxabella loves re parenting from the gut and followed you here :) xx

    1. Hi Elisa,
      My Hubby gets in trouble with Little Miss 4 often! hahaha!
      Thanks for visiting my blog :)
      SAM :)