Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mums just can't catch a break!

While perusing the SMH newspaper on-line today, amongst all the Oscar frocks and shocks I came across this news piece, titled Cafe chides mother for 'offence to humanity'.


The jist of the story is that a cafe manager, a woman, told a mum to stop breastfeeding her baby because it was a 'offence to humanity'.


It seems mums just can't get it right according to some people.

If you bottle feed your baby you are chastised by the "breast is best" people.

If you breastfeed in public you are chastised by the "offence on humanity" or "be more discreet and modest" people.

Surely the bigger picture is that all children be loved and looked after by their parents, whether bottle fed or breastfed.


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