Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Slithery snail pots

If you want to make this groovy snail pot to keep your tiny treasures in, do this....

  • Air-drying clay; whatever amount as it depends on how big you want to make your snail
  • Knife
  • Pipe cleaner; any colour you want
  • Toothpick
  • Acrylic paints; any colour you want
  • Paintbrush
I bought our air-drying clay and paints on-line from Eckersleys and it was delivered in two days.
  1. Cut the clay in half.

  2. From one half of the clay, remove some clay to make a ball for the head and two smaller balls for the eyes.

  3. Stick the two tiny balls on the bigger ball to make the eyes, flattening them as you fix them on.

  4. Cut two pieces of pipe cleaner and poke them into the head.

  5. With the rest of this first half of clay, make a tapered oval shape. Use your thumbs to indent it a little in the middle, this is where your treasures will eventually go.

  6. Stick the head to the untapered end.

  7. Roll the other half of clay into a ball. 

  8. Use your thumbs to shape the ball into a hallow snail's shell shape. Make sure that the shape fits the base of your model.

  9. Add a spiral on each side using the toothpick.

  10. Leave both pieces to dry overnight (it might take longer).

  11. When both pieces are dry you can paint them and then hide your treasures under the snails shell.

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