Saturday, March 16, 2013

Party Planning

Little Miss 4 is about to tick over another year and come out the other side as Little Miss 5!

Okay, so her birthday isn't until June! But I love birthdays and also love planning and organising so I have started planning her celebration now, in March. I know, I must be crazy talking to a 4 year old about their birthday when it isn't for 3 months!

For her 5th birthday she wants a Halloween themed party with her preschool friends. 

I have started the obligatory research and spreadsheet.

Since starting my planning and subsequent research, I have broken it down into decorations, games, food, supplies, and treat bags. 


The decorations will of course be Halloween themed, so far we have planned on making friendly spiders, mummy candy holders and a witch out of a pumpkin. I also found stencils that we can use to make witches, cats, skeletons, and bats to hang around the place too.


I asked Little Miss 4 what games she would like, of which the answer was pinata, pass the parcel, pin the nose on "something" and musical statues. The research begins! 

I have found a witch for the pinata and we will be pinning the nose on a pumpkin. 

For pass the parcel I have glow sticks, Halloween slide puzzles and bubbles - you simply can't go wrong with bubbles at this age.

I also found a game called Boo Bowling, which we will make out of kitchen towel rolls and a foam ball.


At this stage the food will consist of spider cupcakes, candy filled witches hats, popcorn pops, pretzel wands and oreo bats. And of course fairy bread and fruit.

The cake, which each year is made by sis-in-law B, will be a witch.

Treat Bags

The treat bags will have bendy skeletons, monster finger puppets, Halloween erasers and bat rings. The lollies the kids collect from the pinata can be added to their treat bag!

Hopefully I will be able to pull this off!

Stay tuned to find out.

Do you do theme parties for your kids?

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  1. Great post!! I just threw a 6th birthday party for my daughter but instead of a cake I ordered custom cookies for her and it was SO much easier. I didn't have to worry about utensils or a the mess of a cake. I;m sure you'll pull it off :)