Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nothing gets done pyjama days...

Having one of those Bananas in Pyjama days today and wearing my PJs like an outfit. Still in my pyjamas at 11am and nothing has been done - no tidying, no washing, no dishes, no bed making (who I am kidding I don't make the beds anyway), no calls to HCF to change our cover, and no time to call back friends.

To top it all off, the milk was off so I am drinking instant black coffee. (Since meeting Hubby I have been a coffee lover - a cafe cappuccino lover. We do have a coffee machine, however I don't know how to use it and don't have the brain space at the moment to learn....so instant coffee it is and this morning it is minus milk.)

Oh and should I mention - munching on Iced Vovos for breakfast.

There have been a lot of cuddles for Little Mr 0 though. Today he seems to have found his voice and he isn't afraid to use it. Actually I think he found it last night when Hubby was on duty - bless him.

I had forgotten these days when it approaches midday and you are still in your pyjamas and the house looks like an explosion of plates, cups, toys, arts & crafts and clothes has gone off.

Mind you, there is nothing wrong with it. Reminding myself again to not put pressure on myself to be perfect, have a perfect baby, a perfect preschooler and a perfect house with dinner on the table when Hubby gets home - it ain't going to happen! No-one is perfect.

The most important thing at the moment for us are our kids, so if I spend a day (or more) in my pyjamas surrounded by a mess plates, cups, toys, arts & crafts and clothes, so be it .....I just need to remember to at least get changed before I pick up Little Miss 4 from preschool this afternoon.

Ever had one of these days?

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