Monday, February 4, 2013

Rainy Days...

Rainy days for our preschooler, Little Miss 4, stuck inside with a newborn baby brother are HARD times! Not too mention for Hubby and myself.

Poor Little Miss 4 is bored to tears and trying to occupy her time when I have to feed, settle, feed, settle Little Mr 0 is tough.

But we have come up with some solutions....

  • Bake a cake - we did cheat and use a packet mix (thank you Mrs Crocker) where all you add is some vegetable oil, water and eggs because you never know when Little Mr 0 is going to wake up.
  • Dress up - so far she has been a witch and a hoola girl.

  • Face painting - sticking with the witch theme....we use Snazaroo face paints and they are excellent. They come with guides which is very helpful for non-artistic types like myself.

  • Painting finger nails and toe nails.

  • Play games on the tablet/laptop - currently we are playing noughts & crosses, building a reef for Nemo, and a find the object type game (similar to finding Where's Wally).

  • Watch a movie - we watch Annie or Mary Poppins for the millionth time.

Do you have any ideas for rainy days with a preschooler and a newborn?

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