Friday, December 28, 2012

Was there a favourite Christmas present?

Little Miss 4 eagerly opened her gifts on Christmas morning and of course there was a multitude - a doll, a  seat for the pool, totem tennis, trail-gator for her bike, books, swimmers, towel, cradle for her doll, clothes, handbag, wallet, pens, more books and more clothes.

Her letter to Santa, sent back in November, asked for a doll that could talk and a seat for the pool with a water pistol. The big fella did not disappoint.

The doll that can talk, and "poop" and "pee" is a Baby Alive - currently named Molly (it has also been Sally Cinderella and Tilly) - is her favourite Christmas present, along with her handbag that now carries Molly's bottles and nappies.

Last year was the same, the presents from Santa were by far the favourite.

Did your kids have a favourite toy? Was it the one from Santa?

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