Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sleep deprivation is a BITCH!

As anyone with a newborn can attest you don't get much sleep in the first months of their little lives.

They tend to want to feed between two to four hours, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Over and over and over again. It really feels like you are living a groundhog day, whilst trying to snatch an hour or two sleep here and there.

Throw in a preschooler and trying to catch those most wanted zzzz's becomes even harder.

Currently I am doing the following in an attempt to cope:

  • Caffeine - I am drinking two coffees per morning and would drink more if I didn't start to shake from the caffeine overload.

  • Eating well - I try to eat five meals a day; brekkie, morning tea, lunch, arvo tea and dinner. I find when I don't do this I feel even worse.

  • Attempting to go to bed at 7pm and Hubby feeding Little Mr 0 his 9pm/10pm bottle- some nights my Little Miss 4 even puts me to bed. If all goes to plan I don't have to get up until 1am/2am (ish).

  • Hubby doing the weekend shifts - Hubby has been feeding Little Mr 0 his overnight bottles on Friday and Saturday nights, while I try to get a solid block of sleep.

  • Attempting to sleep when Little Mr 0 sleeps - sadly this is easier said than done with everything else that needs to be done!

Sleep deprivation is definitely some kind of torture!

What coping mechanisms do you have for sleep deprivation?

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